Enriching Lives With Essential Needs.

Our vision is to enrich the lives of families in crisis situations.

Resources to
Restore Hope.

Our mission is to provide basic essentials for families experiencing crisis situations.

Who We Serve

We receive referrals from social workers, teachers and churches about displaced families—those families living in a shelter, their car, a motel, etc.

Social workers assess and address the families needs and help them find permanent residence and resources.  When a family moves into a residence, often they only have the clothing they are wearing.  They have no fork, bath soap—no basic needs at all.  We, at Gather-N-Give Connections assist families with the resources they need.  There are families who “slip through the cracks” and have no one to turn to.  Those are the families we assist.

Businesses, churches and individuals tell us they are thankful to be a part of helping the “least of these.”

Join us in serving our community!

Bill Crisp


Gail Wilhelm


Donna Lyons


Our Board

The Board of Directors for Gather-N-Give Connections, Inc. is united in their effort to fulfill the mission and vision of this nonprofit organization.

Together, they share a wealth of experience. All are former or current business owners and skilled in management, leadership, finance and more. Gail, Bill and Donna are seasoned advocates for the poor. From community projects to church functions, this board serves to make the community better.

Our board members are respected leaders working with individuals, businesses, organizations and churches who share their passion for helping families in crisis situations obtain resources they need to better their situation in life.

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