Gather-N-Give Connections is a humanitarian organization that partners with local leaders to identify families in crisis situations. From sofas to shoes, we join with individuals, businesses and churches to provide basic, everyday needs of families in crisis situations.


Our vision is to enrich the lives of families in crisis situations.


Our mission is to provide basic essentials for families experiencing crisis situations.

Our Board

Bill Crisp


Gail Wilhelm


Donna Lyons


The Board of Directors for Gather-N-Give Connections, Inc. is united in their effort to fulfill the mission and vision of this nonprofit organization.

Together, they share a wealth of experience. All are former or current business owners and skilled in management, leadership, finance and more. Gail, Bill and Donna are seasoned advocates for the poor. From community projects to church functions, this board serves to make the community better.

Our board members are respected leaders working with individuals, businesses, organizations and churches who share their passion for helping families in crisis situations obtain resources they need to better their situation in life.

How It All Began

The concept of Gather-N-Give Connections was birthed long before we became a Texas nonprofit organization. About 15 years ago, Gail was serving as a volunteer at a local food pantry. While interviewing a grandmother about family needs, the grandmother informed Gail that her grandson couldn’t participate in gym class because he didn’t have the right shoes. While all the other children participated in gym class, the boy had to sit on the sidelines. Gail told the grandmother she knew someone who would give her shoes for the boy. That was the beginning and we have grown by leaps and bounds.